Why You Should Prefer Waterproof Connectors

Do you want a cable assembly that is made just for you? Don’t you think you should use electrical connectors that are waterproof for your project? When you think about outdoor use, it makes sense to have waterproof connectors. But almost no one thinks to use waterproof connectors inside. Why do you need connectors that don’t get wet? How will they help your custom cable assembly? Don’t worry because this post will answer all of your questions. We’ll tell you exactly eight reasons why you need 2 pin waterproof connector.

Not Made to Help the Environment

You won’t believe it, but not all connectors have the same parts! 2 pin water connectors not made for the environment can be used in a custom cable assembly. For example, the connectors you use for outdoor lighting might not be waterproof. So, the moisture in the air will damage them. Because of this, your electrical connections may not work as well. Rain, hail, snow, and hurricanes are just some natural things that can damage electrical connections. Your lights or other gadgets could stop working or break down. People who live in places where it rains can also have water damage inside their homes. More water vapor is in the air, which affects connections and connections.

2 Pin Water Connectors Are Getting Rusty

Moisture can come from the outside and get into the coupling of the connectors. The water can then move into the connector and corrode different parts. Moisture can also damage the contact points of the connector, which can cause it to stop working. The cable might not be able to send or receive electricity or data, and shorts could happen in the circuit or the electrical system. Corrosion can happen to any connector, and over time, the metal parts can get brittle and break. We always suggest using waterproof connectors, which will help your custom cable assembly go well.

You don’t have to worry about corrosion either, and your electrical connection will be safe for the rest of its life. So, when you order a custom cable assembly, try to get waterproof connectors.

Insulation Can Be Damaged By High Temperatures

Temperatures that are too hot or too cold are not good for your custom cable assembly because they can damage the cable’s insulation. Because of this, the conductor is exposed to the environment, and the moisture and other things will damage it. Exposed wires like these can be dangerous, so it would be best never to leave them exposed.

The best thing to do is to use 2 pin water connectors. They will protect your cable from high temperatures and won’t damage the insulation. You won’t have to worry about shorts or other problems with your electrical connection. Waterproof connectors are strong and can stand up to rough conditions. You no longer have to worry about temperatures that are too high or too low. Just use connectors that are waterproof and give you peace of mind.

The Mating Process Can Go Wrong

Every cable or wire has a set number of expected mating cycles, and so does your custom cable assembly. In electricity, putting one connector into another is called “mating.” Any damage to the connector can lower the number of times it can connect. Most connectors get broken because of water damage or corrosion. These connectors don’t last as long as new ones so they can break or fall apart.



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