Reusing Tactical Dog Harnesses: Giving Them a Second Shot

Tactical dog harnesses are super versatile and made for all sorts of things, from outdoor fun to pro training. But what happens when your furry buddy doesn’t need it anymore or you get a fancy new one?

Well, don’t toss it; these harnesses can find a new gig in some cool and practical ways.


Let’s dive into how you can give a tactical dog harness a second life:

Pass it on to animal shelters

One of the coolest things you can do is hand over your old tactical dog harness to your local animal shelter or rescue crew. They rely on donations to make rescued dogs comfortable and safe.

Your old harness could be a game-changer, helping a shelter dog feel snug and ready for a new home.

Help with Service Dog Training

If your old tactical harness is still in good shape, consider donating it to groups that train service dogs. They can use it for training purposes, getting service dogs in training used to wearing a harness before they level up to special gear.

Aid Canine Rehab Centers

Rehab centers for dogs use all kinds of gear to help pups heal from injuries or surgeries. A tactical dog harness, with its adjustable straps and support, can be used in rehab to give dogs a hand—or rather, a paw—as they recover.

Crafty Pet Projects

Get crafty with your old harness by turning it into a comfy, stylish dog bed. Your pet will snooze like a champ. Just stuff the harness with soft fluff and cover it with some matching fabric for a homey touch.

Organize Outdoor Gear

Tactical dog harnesses come with pockets and hooks. You can repurpose yourself to store outdoor gear, like camping or hiking gear. Hang it up in the garage or closet to keep your adventure gear neat and ready for action.

Hanging Plant Paradise

Get your old harness to embrace its green side and turn it into a hanging planter. Fill those pockets and hooks with cute potted plants or succulents. Hang it in your garden or on your porch for some outdoor charm.

Costume Playtime

For the crafty and creative, old harnesses can become the base for making costumes or cosplay getups. With some fabric, paint, and imagination, you can transform the harness into armor, superhero outfits, or any other wild costume idea.

Doggy Weight Training

Repurpose your harness into a weighted vest for your dog. Put small weights or sandbags in the pockets for a bit of extra challenge during workouts. This helps build muscle and stamina.

Handy Tool Belt

With all its pockets and hooks, a tactical harness makes a sweet tool belt for your DIY projects. Toss your tools and stuff in there while you work on home improvements or do some gardening.

Wall Art Vibes

Turn your old harness into art by framing it and hanging it on your wall. It’s unique, cool wall decor that sparks memories and reminds you of your dog’s adventures.


Giving a tactical dog harness a second chance doesn’t just cut waste; it keeps these tough and handy things going. Whether you’re into donating, DIY fun, or even just a snazzy wall decoration, you can make your old harness do more and make some furry friends’ lives better along the way.



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