How do we prevent slips in a portable bathtub for shower?

Alright, using a portable bathtub for shower is all about convenience, but let’s talk about how to stay safe and avoid any slipping and sliding while you’re at it.


In this part, we will talk about how to prevent slipping in a portable bathtub for a shower.

Get a non-slip mat

First things first, grab yourself a non-slip bath mat. You know, one of those mats with a bumpy texture that keeps your feet from doing the slip ‘n’ slide.

Make sure it fits snugly in the tub so it won’t move around.

Keep It Steady

Before you start filling up that portable bathtub, make sure it’s on a solid, flat surface. Avoid putting it on uneven or slippery spots like wet grass or super-smooth tiles.

If needed, throw a rubber mat or something non-slip underneath to keep it in place.

Check the water temperature

Now, about that water temperature: super-hot water can make you feel all wobbly, so keep it comfortably warm, not boiling hot. You can use a bath thermometer or just test it with your hand—if it’s too hot for your hand, it’s too hot for your body.

Hold Onto Something

If your portable bathtub has grab bars or handles, use them! They’re there to help you get in and out and stay steady while you’re showering. No grab bars? No problem. You can stick to some suction-cup grab bars for that extra support.

Take a Seat

Consider bringing a shower chair or stool into the mix. It gives you a sturdy place to sit while you’re showering, so you don’t have to worry about slips when you’re standing on your own two feet.

Shed Some Light

Make sure the bathing area is well lit. You want to see where you’re stepping and avoid any soapy surprises on the floor. Good lighting keeps accidents at bay.

Keep It Dry

After you’re done with your portable bathtub, give it a good wipe-down to get rid of soap scum and any other slippery stuff. And don’t forget to dry it out completely.

Non-Slip Rugs Outside

Place some non-slip bath rugs or mats right outside the portable bathtub. That way, when you step out, you’ve got a dry and secure landing spot. Wet feet and smooth bathroom tiles? That’s a recipe for slipping.

Go Easy Getting In and Out

Be extra careful when you’re getting in and out of the portable bathtub. Take it slow and steady. Use those grab bars if you’ve got them, and watch out for any wet spots on the floor.

Skip the Greasy Stuff

Oh, and when it comes to bath products, steer clear of the oily or lotiony stuff. Some products can make the tub surface super slippery. Stick to the non-greasy ones to play it safe.


So, there you have it—no more slip ‘n’ slide in your portable bathtub for shower. Just follow these tips, and you’ll have a secure and enjoyable bathing experience without any surprise acrobatics.

Safety comes first, especially when you’re using these tubs in unfamiliar or outdoor settings.



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